WordPress self-built house record - - DiVi theme five pages to build the site (next)

When you see this, you have actually created a brand new WordPress showcase, Blog, that isBlogA list of articles, not necessary for a website.

To start a website, it is necessary to explain who you are, what services you offer, and what your work is.

Now, you look back WordPress website self-built room fact sheet - index chapter In the analogy made in the book, building a WordPress website, is like building your own house in your hometown. It has some steps, but it's far less difficult than you might think, and you could even say that building a website is just a laborious job, with no skills to speak of.

In the process of building, you have to pay mainly sweat, if it is to read these articles I wrote, enough to ensure that you build an identical site up, the core only two words "do as you are told"

Everything has a beginning, and the beginning is the hardest part, so don't expect it to be exactly the same as the tutorial, you just need to draw a tiger.

It is difficult to build a website, a well-functioning website, indeed difficult, difficult to need a whole team, half a year to come up with a finished product; but it can also be very easy, like us to build a showcase, do as we do, a few days can be.

But, even if there is a step in front of you, all you need to do, must consist in taking the first step, which in this series of articles, the first step is 2021 WordPress white novice build a website tutorial nanny version - Tencent pagoda panel build a website You have to have this foundation first, to get to where you are now, and eventually, you will see http://hysen.me Such a website is born in your hands.

Of course, there are all kinds of high-end people will write high-end title "one hour to fix xxx", you go to see, go to do, if 10 hours still not done, you are welcome to come back to see me this, need a few days of WordPress self-build site installation fact sheet, to ensure that you just do, that you can do a sameWebsiteCome out.

Now, we come to the last article in the series, how to create blog posts in DiVi theme, and let's get down to business.

Target page : Create a Blog as shown below, which contains 6 POST articles, often referred to as blog posts.

Objective 1: WordPress Blog related basic settings:

  • 1.1 Set up Blog Page This page displays Post, and blog posts
  • 1.2 Divide Post articles into two categories: Self Improvment and Other
  • 1.3 Set the color of Link in WordPress to #2F7BCB.
  • 1.1 Set Blog Page This page displays Post, and blog posts Dashboard - Settings - Reading - Your homepage displays - A static page - Post Page - Select Blog . Click Save to save the settings.
  • 1.2 Classify POST into two categories: Dashboard - Posts - Categories - Add New Category: Enter Other in the name slug and click the button below to Add New Category. Category, this will add a category Other, you can see the result in the category list on the right.
    Similarly add the Self Improvement category.
  • 1.3 Set the color of Link in WordPress to #2F7BCB.

Frontend, any page, such as Contact or Blog page. Hover the mouse pointer over the Site Title in the upper left corner. Site Title - Theme Customizer - General Settings - Typography - BODY LINK COLOR - #2F7BCB. #2F7BCB. Click Enter after typing, confirm the color change, and click Published above. The settings are complete.

Goal 2. post six Post articles

  • 2.1 Create the first POST , Name: How to Expand Your Influence
  • 2.2 Create a 2nd POST, with video, image and article links and other settings, named How do you Spend Your Time in Life.
  • 2.3 Create a total of 6 Blogs (including the previous two POSTs), categorize the posts, and use Featured images, and finally fill them with random Latin text.
  • 2.1 Create the first POST , Name: How to Expand Your Influence

As you can see above, there are two common ways to create a Post. If you are on the home page, hover your cursor over New in the upper left - select Post. If you are on the backend of the site, Dashboard - Posts - click Add New.

Once created, click Use Default Editor , and use the defaultEditors.

The image above is the Blog editing page, which has been filled in with the title of the article andRandom LatinThe text.

On the left is the post title and post content, on the top right is the settings cog, click to switch to full screen editing, and the Post and Block double tab menu. The three dots in the top right corner are the POST OPTION menu.

  • 2.1.1 On the right side of the Post tab, set two items: Categories - select Self Improvement Featured image - upload the title image of the current POST article.

Finally, click Publish to publish the post. A blog post with a header image will be published successfully. At this point, in the http://hysen.me/blog You can see the first Post: How to Expand Your Influence just published under

  • 2.2 Create a 2nd POST, with video, image and article link, named How do you Spend Your Time in Life.
  • 2.2.1 Fill in the title of the article and all the required text content.

2.2.2 Add the first image.

The cursor is hovered over the space between two lines of text, and the add block menu appears, click on it

  • A menu with 6 items Paragraph, Heading, Image, etc. appears, if you want to see the whole menu, click on Browse All in black with white letters, there are 66 Blocks.

Select Image from the many Blocks, then select Upload from Media LibraryPictures.

In wordpress 5.6.2 + Divi 4.9, there are 66 Blocks that can be added. Text: 11 items Media: 7 items Design: 7 items Widgets: 11 items Embeds: 30 items
Concept: WordPress Gutenberg editor in BLOCKS.
In Gutenberg, articles are composed of blocks, including the common paragraph blocks, image blocks, video blocks and 66 other blocks.
The default editor in WordPress is called Gutenberg, the most widely used classic editor in the early years, which will no longer be supported by the end of 2021. The Classic Editor plugin will be officially supported until December 31, 2021

After the image is uploaded, the cursor hovers over the image and a horizontal bar edit menu appears. Select Align right in the Change alignment item to align the image to the right. The up/down arrows in the horizontal bar edit menu above the image, click Move Down/up to move the image up/down.

The image size can be edited by dragging the origin point on the left side of the image and right in the center of the bottom line. The three dots on the far right of the horizontal edit menu above the image, click on them for a drop-down menu, and at the bottom is the Remove block, which is used to remove the current Blocks, including all 66 types of blocks, images, paragraphs, etc.

  • 2.2.3 Similarly, add a second picture (see the leftmost picture above), aligning it to the left. Adjust the position of the image up or down as needed for the layout.
  • 2.2.4 Adding links to articles:

Select the text you want to link How to expand your influence, click on the Link icon in the pop-up menu, type the keyword influence in the input box that appears, and the previous, first created Post will appear below Link, select it, and the link is complete. The effect of the link is shown in the last picture above.

  • 2.2.5 Adding Video Blocks

Hover the cursor over the space between the two lines of text and the add block menu will appear. Click on it, enter the keyword Video and select Video from the six menus below. In the Video menu that appears, select Upload Video from Media Library.

Once the video has been uploaded, the top banner menu, in addition to moving the video blocks up/down with the up/down arrows, can also be dragged with the Drag icon where the cursor is located.

  • 2.2.6 Setting up a list item with an H4 header
  • Set H4 title blocks Select the text Read More, in the Change block type or style drop-down menu where the small hand of the cursor is located, select the title font, and then select the font size H4 as shown in the figure.
  • Set List blocks Select all 6 article titles below, in the Change block type or style drop-down menu, select List

Select the H4 title Read More and the list of 6 articles, which can be moved up and down through the up and down menu.

  • 2.2.7 Other settings

Right side Post/Block menuSet the following five items.

  • Categories - Select Self Improvement
  • Tags - type life, meanning. hit the enter key in between intervals.
  • Featured image - Uploads the header image of the current POST article
  • Excerpt - Enter article overview content
  • Discussion - Remove the checkmarks before the following two items, Allow comments and Allow pingbacks trackbacks.
  • 2.2.8 Publishing Finally, publish via the Publish menu above. A file containing the commonEditorProject, Text, Image, List, Video Post is done, Congratulations.
  • 2.3 Create a total of 6 Blogs (including the previous two POSTs), categorize the posts, and use Featured images, and finally fill them with random Latin text.

Blog Post Namerespectively:
How to Sell 10,000 Copies of Your Own Time - These three articles are categorized under Self Improvment
How to Expand Your Influence
How do you Spend Your Time in Life
Why use WordPress - These three articles are categorized under Other
Why We use DiVi for Web Design
Top 10 Best Hosting Providers for DiVi

Tips: If you encounter the problem of not being able to refresh the Blog, first set the blog display to empty in Reading, save it and then adjust it to blog, then save it. Refresh a few times.

Objective 3: Eliminate the following four widgets Widges. Change the display of widget Categories

a. Search Search box

b. Recent Comments

c. Archives

d. Meta

With the previous settings, such as the Sidebar section where the cursor is on the right, and the currentTarget Blog PageTo compare, you will see that the widget menu on the right side has 4 more items by default. These widgets are called Widgets, so let's remove them and change the way Categories are displayed.

Backend settings: Dashboard - Appearance - Widgets - Sidebar on the right side of the page Click on the widget item Search and select Delete. Similarly delete Recent Comments, In Categories, select Show post counts.

At this point, the WordPress built-in Blog page is set up. Open your domain / blog, where it is http://hysen.me/blog, you can see that the initial goal we set was achieved, with a total of six blog posts.

Finally, a little homework. If you like http://hysen.me/blog For the current layout, in the Module settings, change the Layout from Full width to Grid.

At this point, WordPress self-build house fact sheet - DiVi theme five pages to build a site, the first three full text finished. You can already easily design a http://hysen.me One of a kind display station now,

If you use Woocomerce, you can further set it up as an independent e-commerce site. Use thousands of WordPress Plugin, you can also get a variety of uses for the site.

That's it for me, my initial goal, is to solve the problem of building a WordPress site from 0-1, as for 1-100, there are too many solutions and tutorials to choose from. I hope your WordPress journey is full of anticipation, and good luck.

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