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Previously in WordPress website self-built room fact sheet - index chapterAs mentioned in the website, building a website is similar to building a house in ancient times, just like building a house in the old country. There is no technical content, it is a laborious work. The general steps are, choose an address, buy a plot of land, get a permit, build the foundation, build the frame (the main body of the house), renovate, and finally accept and use.

In this section we are going to address the basics, the key issues involved before renovation. This includes choosing an address, buying a plot of land to laying a foundation, and building a frame (the main body of the house). Finally, a WordPress website is basically set up.

WordPress self-builders, it is easier to buy the land first, and choose the address later. Not only that, if you want to start practicing faster, not to buy an address is the most convenient. This will have time to talk after the completion of the main body of the article, to facilitate the more clear goals of people.

When it comes to buying an address, the terminology is called a domain name. There is a basic concept involved here: IP Address Analysis. The form is to convert an IP address like to http://zhangsan.com This is a meaningful domain name. The IP address is just an example, everyone's IP address is different for each cloud server, for example, if you are 123, I may be This is automatically assigned when you buy the land, you cannot choose your own.

This section of the self-build process refers to a bit of a coordinated approach: first buy the land, and then when the foundation is laid, buy the address (domain name), so that you can do two things at the same time, saving a lot of time, and do not interfere with each other.

Here are four steps to complete the installation of WordPress

  • Step 1: Buy Land / Cloud Server
  • Step 2: Select address / Domain Name
  • Step 3: Foundation / Installation of LNMP
  • Step 4: Build the body of the house / Install WordPress

Step 1: Buy a plot of land

Wherever you build a house, you have to have land, which is the land on which the house is built in real estate. Servers(VPS / Cloud Hosting / Cloud Server) is like a plot of land with a basic utility network, commonlyAli, TencentorHuawei, here we useTencent Hong Kong Lightweight Server.

The reason is, this is the current big factory, for the current installation requirements, comprehensive performance, price, service support strength, it is a comprehensive evaluation of the first server. Not only is it free from filing, it is also quite fast and cheap in Hong Kong servers. In order to save time, I wrote this text, at the same time opened a number of servers of several major manufacturers together with the installation test, this is the highest personal overall rating of the server.
The downside is that such quality servers, early on, are generally discontinued or line deterioration, resulting in slow speeds, cards. A lesson learned in recent years, is that the AliCloud International (non-domestic) 30M Hong Kong Lightweight server, now shrunk 10 times to 3M, the price has not changed.
Domestic Ali cloud Hong Kong or Singapore light server, the current speed are not as good as Tencent cloud, if you must choose Ali's record-free server, you can considerAliCloud Lightweight Application Server - Singapore. The speed is still relatively stable, and also has the official Pagoda Panel BT-7.5.1 mirror, I have been watching with Gping on for a long time, basically in the 60ms or less, the speed is okay, not much fluctuation.

How to buy a plot of land

Tap it.Tencent Cloud Server Global PurchasePage,

1. choose Lightweight Application Server

Click on the location of the cursor to confirm the package, and you will be taken to the registration page.

The number of real Tencent Hong Kong servers is not much, now the special price of 144 1-Core 1G (Liunx) servers are often sold out. The temporary alternative is a $204 1-Core 2G (Liunx) server.
In the future, if there is a shortage of stock, large manufacturers can considerAliCloud Singapore $288 2 core 1G package.

2. Register and log in to Tencent Cloud through WeChat, QQ, email or public number

Tencent Cloud has the most options for registration, from WeChat, qq, to email, settings and small public programs. General users are recommended to use WeChat.

According to the official documentation, you can choose any one of these methods to register, and then you can bind the other three in your account information as your login method.

When registration is completed, you will be returned to the Lightweight Server package selection screen, so you can confirm the package again by referring to point 1 above. The result is based on the completion of code scanning.

3. Go to the console, and find the Lightweight Server Administration page

3.1 Tencent Cloud Home, Click on the console in the upper right corner, and log in via your account.

3.2 InProduct overview page, Click on Cloud Products, and select Lightweight Application Server from the drop-down menu.

3.3 Introduction to the Lightweight Server Management portal page

When you enter the server management page, you can see the big menu on the left, and the server information on the right. There are two servers here, Tencent BT 7.6 and Hysen.

The name Tencent_BT_7.6 on the left is custom, and the server it is on is the official Tencent Pagoda Panel image installed. One of the advantages of using the official mirror is that you can call or open a work order to ask questions about the mirror itself. If you are using theCommand LineIf you install it yourself, there is no such service.

The location of the cursor is generallyMirror name, the pagoda panel is officially used here http://BT.cn Domain name as logo image. CPU1 core in the middle - memory 1GB - system disk 25GB, which is described asServer Configuration. The bottom rightmost corner isIP address of the server, here I have PS, easy to remember. Tencent Hong Kong is recently seen in the 43.xx.xx.xx address segment, the following ip address, replace it with your own ip address. The top right corner of theBlue Letter, one for remote login to the server, and "more" with options for shutdown and upgrade packages.

With an IP address, the domain name can be resolved to an IP, allowing others to access the domain via an IP address such as zhangsan.com, http://lisi.net domain name to access our lightweight servers.

4. Get the login password of Pagoda Panel in the application management interface.

Pagoda Panel, is a simple and easy to use Linux/Windows server operation and management panel, The benefit of the panel is that the server maintenance work can be done through an interactive interface, such as updating the system, adding websites, modifying settings, etc. Previously, you need to remember various commands, but now you can do it through the panel with the click of a button, saving time and effort.
In addition, to use the Pagoda panel properly, you need to register with your cell phone number. So, in http://bt.cn First register your Pta account, then login to the Pta interface, you will be prompted to bind your Pta account.

By clicking the cursor position in the above picture, you can enter the server's administration page, and click the application management at the top. In the software information module of the application, you can see ""Panel Home Address""面板端口/tencentcloud The "Username and Password" section tells you how to get the password for the administrator account in the Pagoda admin panel.

Look at the cursor position, click copy first, then click on the blue login, a black box will pop up below, this is the command line window of ssh, paste the previously copied

sudo /etc/init.d/bt default Command,

Then enter, you will get the login address, login and password of Pagoda Admin Panel.

The address of the outside board of Pagoda Management is Account: username: urz9g98m Password password: 09b2444ad828

This step must be copied and saved, and will be used later.

5. SettingsFirewall

The explanation of the Chinese meaning of firewall is "a thick and high wall between two houses or between two parts of a house that prevents the spread of fire" creates an isolation between devices.The firewall is to shield the host from the invasion of some useless viruses and malware on the Internet when it is connected.

The firewall we are using here is simple, it opens and closes ports. By default, all cloud vendors only open a limited number of ports, so in the future, if you have problems connecting or accessing, first check if the corresponding port is open.

At the back of the application management interface, click Firewall to enter the firewall settings interface.

Click on the Add rule where the cursor is located, and open the port strictly according to the above diagram. See the diagram below for details.

Add the port as shown in the above image, and click the OK button.

6. Login to Pagoda Management System

By browser, input, enter the password you just copied and pasted, and log in to the Pagoda panel.

When you see the prompt : "Associated with Tencent Cloud API key", just close it, it is used to read server information and upgrade some operations, which overlap with Tencent's official functions.

The third step, the foundation

7. one click to install LNMP, which is the foundation.

After closing the window of "Associate Tencent Cloud API Key", you will see the second window behind, which is the convenient one-click installation of LNMP from the Pagoda panel.

Select the options strictly according to the diagram, click Install with one click, and wait for about 20 minutes, and the installation will be finished. When you select Mysql 5.7, you will get an error "Your memory is less than 2GB, it is not recommended to install MYSQL-5.7", ignore it.

We are just building a WordPress site, which does not use much memory. It is not recommended to close the current installation window here, just open another window for whatever you need to do.

Now while LNMP is laying the foundation for this time, let's go buy a domain name.

Step 2, select the address (right, this is the order)

To buy a house, the location is always the first consideration. A good location, a lot of people. On the Internet, this is reflected in high traffic. Corresponding to building a house online, is your domain name, to be short and concise and easy to remember.

I always recommend that you prefer .com domains, .cn if you can't, and nothing else. Even if you have less money, don't buy weird domain names, such as .top, you know, for a long time, Baidu isDiscrimination .top domain name, slow, or simply a few months can not be included. Other people Baidu can not find you, your site is a dead site, only self-indulgence, can not be a lot of fun.

In addition, the main difference between domestic and foreign domain purchases is the need for real names in China, and other differences are the differences in payment tools, mainly paypal or international credit cards in foreign countries.

In terms of privacy protection, foreign countries are doing better. But in the long run, you must buy a domain name in the country, because many of Ali Tencent's services are dependent on you buying a domain name from it, which can be automated, and can also provide deeper services.

Since the use ofTencent's Cloud Server, naturally choose Tencent's domain name to buy.

a. Purchase of domain name

EnterTencent Cloud Console, Select Domain Registration under "Domains & Websites" in Cloud Products. Enter the domain name purchase screen.

Click Shop Now where the cursor is located to enter the domain name purchase screen, enter zijianfangshilu.com, click Search, and check if the domain name is available.

Since the . me domain name is no longer available in China, so it cannot be used http://hysen.me domain name registration as an example. Here we use http://zijianfangshilu.com (Self-built video) Describe the process of buying a domain name.

Then add it to your shopping cart, click Buy Now on the right side, and go to the order details page. Here is the most important step of real name verification.

b. Domain Name Real Names

In the picture above, it prompts "No domain information template available, please create a new information template first" Click on New Information Template in blue,

Check the box "Use account information to fill in", so that you can fill in the content less repeatedly. Fill in the picture and submit. ID number is forZhang SanfengSpecially edited.

After you scan the QR code and pay, you can see your domain name in the domain registration. Here you can use http://hysen.me Perform domain name resolution

c. Domain name resolution to IP address

In my list of domains, select http://hysen.me This domain name,

Click on the blue word "Resolve" on the back to enter the address resolution page.

Click Add Record, as shown above, to add two A records for search engine optimization (SEO), the host records are www and @, both with the IP address Equivalent to the domain name www.hysen.me and hysen.me will both point to the IP address

At this point, the domain name resolution is complete.

Let's move on to #7. One-Click Installation of LNMP. Log in to the Pagoda Management System, and start installing WordPress through the Pagoda system.

Step 4, build the body / frame of the house

8. Install WordPress through the Pagoda Panel

8.1 Verify the installation of the five items.

First check if the five items in the one-click installation are successful. Check that all five items from Nginx 1.20.1 to PhpMyAdmin 5.0, starting with the cursor, are installed successfully.

If there is something missing, it is recommended to associate the Tencent API after reinstalling the system, refer to the two additions at the end of the article,

  1. How to reinstall the system of Tencent Lightweight Server.
  2. How to use Tencent's API Key

8.2 Installing WordPress via "One Click Deployment" in the software store

Select the software store on the left side, click on One-Click Deployment in the Applications category on the right side, and then find WordPress 5.6 (the latest version of 5.8 is actually installed),

In the bottom right corner of the page, you will find a button for one-click deployment, click to start installing the WordPress body, and finally start building the main body of the house.

Enter the domain name hysen.me, record the database hysen_me and the password, which will be used when installing WordPress. Finally, click the "Submit" button in the bottom right corner.

WordPress starts downloading and installing. At the end it says "WordPress has been successfully deployed". Record the pop-up box ofDatabaseName, user and password. This will be used later in the WordPress installation. Copy the address of the site mentioned in "Visit site": http://hysen.me/index.php

8.3 WordPress installation setup

Enter your domain name in the address bar of your browser as shown above, and I will enter http://hysen.me/index.php, and finally the beautiful WordPress page settings page.

Select Simplified Chinese, and continue.

Now for the pre-start page message, click Start Now.

Enter three pieces of database information, database name, User Name, Password. Click Submit.

For security reasons and for future site clustering, the table prefixes above wp_ Suggested change to Website abbreviation + wp_in the form of, for example hs_wp_.

If the database information is correct, you will enter the above page, click Install Now. Go to the WordPress site basic information filling page

Refer to the fill in, click Install WordPress.

Option: Visibility to search engines, if checked, then search engines will not pick it up. This can be changed later, in WordPress - Settings - General
If your password is too short, remember to check the "Confirm weak password" box.

8.4 WordPress installed successfully.

When the installation is successful, click Login and enter the WordPress settings.

You can switch between the frontend and backend of WordPress by the location of the cursor in the upper left corner.

At this point, if you see this page, the installation has been successful. Congratulations.

Next, we will do further settings for WordPress, and also do the basic settings of the theme, see the next article
2021 WordPress white novice builder tutorial nanny version - WordPress and theme basic settings .

The introduction to this article is at WordPress website self-built room fact sheet - index chapter

Additional content:

1. How to reinstall the system of Tencent Lightweight Server

Just like a computer, LNMP will need to be reinstalled at some point. Initially you will have a lot of chances to reinstall the whole system.

There are two entry points to reinstall the system, called "Reset Application",

  • An entry is made in the Application Manager, after the application information, in blue for Reset Application.
  • Another reference to this section 3.3 Introduction to the Lightweight Server Administration Portal, goes to the Lightweight Server "Overview" page,

Look at the cursor position, select Reset Application, enter the system reinstallation interface

Select the application image from the Pagoda Linux panel, click OK to start the system reinstallation, and within a minute, a new clean BT7.6 image is installed.

You can then refer to, 4. Get the login password for the pagoda panel in the application management interface. to perform the relevant operations.

2. How to use Tencent's API Key

Sometimes, the installation doesn't work, like when you install LNMP with one click and find that MySql, or Nginx is missing. Then we need to use Tencent's API.

Setting up the Tencent API

EnterTencent Cloud Console, scroll down to the bottom of the cloud product, and select " Manage & Audit" in the Access Management “.

Select Access Keys - API Key Management in the left menu, and on the pop-up page, select Continue to use to enter the API generation page.

Click on New Key to generate a new key. The key can be enabled, or disabled by clicking on Disable later.

The pagoda panel uses Tencent Cloud Key, the last mentioned location is 7. Install LNMP with one click.

Login to the Pagoda panel, click on Associate Tencent Cloud API Key where the cursor is located, and then enter the Secret ID and Secret Key in the pop-up window. Finally, click on the button Associate API Key.

Once set up, you can see some information about the host, such as expiration date, server region. The key information is that, here, you can directly pay to upgrade your package or renew your subscription through the row of buttons below. The fact that this feature can be implemented means that this version of Tencent Cloud's Pagoda Panel is exceptionally stable, and any system that is related to money collection is the best.

At this point, the Tencent Cloud API key is associated with the Pagoda panel. After this is done, it will be more stable to do LNMP one-click installation.

3. how to manually build the foundation / install LNMP

LNMP is Linux, Nginx, Mysql

Sometimes, the installation doesn't work, like when you install LNMP with one click and find that MySql, or Nginx is missing. Then we need to use Tencent's API.

Setting up the Tencent API

EnterTencent Cloud Console, scroll down to the bottom of the cloud product, and select " Manage & Audit" in the Access Management “.

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